RedMart is a Singapore-based online supermarket that home-delivers groceries and essentials.

Key People
Vikram Rupani, Rajesh Lingappa
Acquired by Lazada Group on November 2, 2016
Glassdoor Rating
3.5 (17 ratings)

Culture & Mission

Save you time and money spent shopping for groceries and household essentials, so you can focus on the important things in life.
Core values
1. We put customers first and are customers ourselves. 2. We innovate and always question the status quoa. 3. we do more with less. 4. We develop our people and give them autonomy. 5. We value diversity. Be yourself and respect others! 6. We take risks and believe in rapid experimentation. Fail fast, learn faster. 7. We never, never, never give up! 8. We are results-oriented. 9. We are optimistic & crazily ambitious. 10. We love what we do!

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