Genius is an online knowledge project that breaks down information with line-by-line annotations, added and edited by anyone in the world.

Brooklyn, NY
Key People
Mahbod Moghadam, Ilan Zechory, Tom Lehman

Culture & Mission

Genius uses their own annotation tool for their public culture guide, The Genius ISMs.

About "The Genius ISMs"

"As Dan Gilbert once put it, when you first start in business you think “company culture” is total BS—I’m just here to do good work and make some money, what’s all this touchy feely stuff?

But as things start to get bigger and more complicated and change faster it gets harder and harder for everyone to stay on the same page. So instead of constantly explaining the same stuff to everyone, we’re writing it down..

Welcome to the Genius ISMs! (Called “ISMs” (pronounced “IZ-UMMMS”) in homage to Dan)" - Tom Lehman (Co-founder & CEO at Genius)


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Core values
It’s Not Not Your Job The Chaos will Not be Minimized It Should Be Fun Only Hire A Players Don't Fill Up on Bread Worse is Better Run Into The Spike Take the Roast out of the Oven Being Busy ≠ Making Progress “What is Right?”, not “Who is Right?” Feel it to my Face “What do you Propose?” Be Skeptical of Experts Pitch Like You Mean It Write Like a Human Go to a Gym-esque Place We’ll Figure it Out

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This company fires people on a regular basis for no good reason – if you get a job there, be prepared to leave again after a few months.

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